Blowing up … WT


I just wanted to do a quick post about “Blowing Up the Workshop“, which is a really good site / mix series that has been developing overthe last year. It kind of links into the “outsider dance” movement that people have been very excited about (LIES and PAN being the two obvious examples), but I think the way this project is exploring these connections could be a little bit different. I’m still working my way through the mixes, but it seems like it is headed in an interesting direction. The latest one is a cool live techno workout from Shaun O’Sullivan, who put out a very strong EP last year on WT Records. This track almost feels like a cross between Dozzy and Dundov:

Continuing on this tangent, I’m a bit surprised WT Records hasn’t been getting more attention, they’ve been putting out some interesting stuff. I’d suggest exploring their bandcamp page. WT have just released a few DJ Muscle EPs, which has got an interesting mix of tracks, of which is probably the strongest:

Willie Burns is doing WT, and he’s recently done a very enjoyable mix for, which is also worth checking.

  1. chris said:

    bit surprised that shawn o’sullivan record didn’t get more hype. it’s so damn good.

    best of luck with the new blog!

  2. Mapes said:

    that DJ muscle series is great. WT in general deserves a lot more love, l.i.e.s. is definitely taking an unfair share of the hype among ny labels. really like that willie burns release on sequencias as well.

  3. Lucas said:

    that bmx edit is unreal.

    thanks for the tip and please keep up the great work.

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