With the very untimely passing of the legendary Pete Namlook late last year, the incredibly prolific FAX label came to a very unexpected end. Unfortunately some of the best releases are hard to get, and the label never became widely available in digital format (actually most of the whole catalog is on itunes, but at stupid prices and in shitty quality, so they can get fucked). Luckily a few FAX-related releases are starting to appear online, one of which is “FAXology” by Mick Chillage. I actually have a CD copy, but now it is available digitally I want others to know about it, because I think this is probably the best thing FAX released in the last few years. `On this release, Chillage perfectly encapsulates the FAX sound, without it ever feeling like a simple imitation. It is a kind of homage, but with more than enough artistic skill and originality that it stands on its own. When I heard the sad news about Namlook, it was not actually one of his tracks, but something from this album that I turned to. I listened to “Returning Home” and thought of Namlook’s spirit drifting off into the cosmos…



It is a shame that there is not too much of this kind of deepspace ambient still being made today. I guess this is partly because the chill out rooms of the ’90s have largely disappeared, even though some of us are still trying to keep these spaces alive. But there is definitely still room for this sound, as Mick Chillage shows.I strongly recommend “FAXology“, and if you are after more, his “Night Works” is also very good. Both are available through his bandcamp page.

  1. Adam said:

    Would be interested as to why chill-out rooms did die out. They were before my time but seems a shame they don’t tend to exist now.

  2. Some people see Fax primarily as a mid-90’s label, but the last years of Fax were some of its strongest. In 2011 and 2012, there were a number of absolutely brilliant releases: Anthony Rother’s The Machine Room, Vom Urknall Zur Maschine, and 62 Minutes on Mars, Lorenzo Montanà’s Serpe, Gate Zero’s Tides, Namlook’s Urban Meditation 4, and without doubt plenty of others I haven’t heard yet, like the Labyrinth releases and Autumn of Communion (another Mick Chillage project). It’s so tragic we don’t have another two decades of music from Namlook and Fax…

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