Donato Dozzy – Babylon market mix

When MNML SSGS was coming to an end, Donato Dozzy provided the first of our FNL mixes. It was partly meant as a coded message, one that different people (including myself) spent the following months working out. Whether intentional or not, I think it was also a signal about where Dozzy was headed musically. This mix gives us another clue. There is plenty to take from it, and I won’t interfere with your judgements by trying to describe the mix. All I will say is this is one for headphones and deep listening. This is not background music. Put it on and dive deep.

  1. YES! cannot wait to get off from work, and give this a proper listen. thank you.

  2. Jaarko said:

    Phenomenal piece of work, just listened to it for the first time, but wow! The spirit of kosmische refracted through a very 21st (or 22nd) century lens… Molto grazie! How to go back to “normal” music?!

  3. DonLogan said:

    there are parts of this mix that leave me speechless, which I guess shouldn’t be so surprising. Cheers.

  4. Jesse said:

    Ya, been ignoring this blog cuz of lack of internet connexion, but my M’SARD (mnml ssg associated acid reflux disorder) been acting up and I need a salve. I needed not to have sufferd in silence! Superblipped to check this out. thanks to you folk who labor so heavily for love…

  5. Bruno said:

    At a loss for superatives. More mindblowing with each successive listen.

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