Svreca in Moscow

A beautiful, textured mix from Svreca, a DJ who is really developing a very unique and distinctive voice. This is a live recording, taken from a recent set he played in Moscow in February. It appears that another part of the same set is available as part of the Arma podcast here. That one is more heavier and dancefloor orientated, presumably from later on in the night. And while I like that recording , it is this more abstract and exploratory part of his set that really hits the spot for me. Taken together, I think these recordings give a good sense of the direction Svreca is moving in… It is a very heady, powerful take on techno that challenges and pushes the listener without alienating them. Enjoy…

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  1. Thanks for sharing our podcast!

    I’d like to add that the two sets in questions are pretty different works from the very beginning – one was for experimental dancefloor which we do at our AUX by do/nothing at ARMA17 (the one published here), and the other (the “techno” one) was, well, for the techno room :). Same thing with Milton Bradley’s whose party mix we published also, but he decided not to publish the techno one.

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