Light Echoes

While Steve Moore is linked in with the LIES camp, he really kind of feels like he is on his own trajectory, soaring off into outer space on his synths… His album from late last year, “Light Echoes”, is really excellent – not a weak track throughout. The standout is the one above: the majestic “Ancient Shorelines II”, a 28 minute epic that closes the album. Proper celestial synth music.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I feel like this album slipped under the radar a bit. Definitely do yourself a favour and pick it up. You can grab it on bandcamp here:

Steve Moore also has a bandcamp page, where you can get most of his other releases.

  1. Agreed, it definitely slipped under the radar – I only found out about it by accident, but it ended up being my favorite album of last year.

  2. Nelson said:

    Great music with a cool video, gotta share this on my videoblog.

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