Black Deer – “Trail Of Tears”


Willie Burns has come to my attention through his DJing and his label, WT Records. I haven’t really explored much of his productions, except for his ‘Overlord’ EP on Trilogy Tapes, which sounded pretty cool. I will now be paying more attention after picking up his new “Trail of Tears” EP, which he has put out under the ‘Black Deer’ alias. This one is much more psyched out and bent, and is more for home than the dancefloor. It has a very cool weirdo tribal thing going on. Really like this one a lot. It is on Rush Hour’s ‘no label’ label, which has to be one of the more stupid label names in recent times (surely it either has no label, or it has a label name, calling it ‘no label’ seems like a rather pointless halfway position). Anyway, very cool EP and worth checking if you can find a copy. You can stream the EP below:


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