Separating the gems from the “gems”

“Recently discovered long-lost gem! First released on an obscure label in the 70s/80s, now remastered by Dubplates and Mastering (who else does mastering?!), 500 copies, 180 gram coloured vinyl, deluxe special gatefold edition with extensive liner notes. Essential must have! No represses! (until this one sells out).”

A variation on this blurb appears on Boomkat on an almost daily basis, and plenty of the time these reissues turn out to be horribly mediocre. I’ve been burned by a lot of reissued crap (this one most recently) and I now tend to be much more sceptical. But sometimes you do hit across some really amazing records that have been rediscovered. These are two ones I’ve picked up recently, which I strongly recommend checking:

ImageKlaus Schulze & Günter Schickert ‎– “The Schulze-Schickert Session“: This could be my favourite record of the year. Blissful combo of synths and guitar. Reminds me a bit of the lovely Franco Falsini reissue on Spectrum Spools last year. I’ve got the vinyl, but supposedly the CD version has a few extra tracks, so I have just ordered that too.

ImageMammane Sani et son Orgue – “La Musique Electronique du Niger”: Just picked this one up and it’s pretty amazing. Basically it is just one dude jamming on his shitty electronic organ in the 70s. In that way it is a bit reminiscent of Heatsick’s work, as he is getting the most possible out of some very limited gear. But it also has an almost J.D. Emmanuel kind of vibe with the melodies and ambiance he creates.



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