I’ve been wanting to put together a new mix for a while, but haven’t really had the right time / headspace to do so. I’m now traveling in Europe and I am currently in Copenhagen, a city I really appreciate. Being here and being reunited with PC was enough inspiration to make this new mix happen. It’s nothing fancy, just a collection of tracks I’ve been enjoying recently. The mix is perhaps a bit ‘lighter’ than what’s normal for me, but that’s fine… Hopefully it is something you can relax to and enjoy.


1. Johnny Hawksworth – ‘The Beginning’
2. David Behrman – ‘On The Other Ocean’
3. Justin Meyers – ‘Drone No Stasis’
4. JD Emmanuel – ‘Illusions’
5. Food Pyramid and Roy Orb D.M.T. – ‘Passage Rites’
6. Larry Heard – ‘Rain’
7. Entro Senestre – ‘Constant Elevation’
8. Steve Moore – ‘Light Echoes’
9. Petar Dundov – ‘Ideas From The Pond’
10. Hermann Langschwert – ‘Integrator’

  1. mimou said:

    It is a lovely mix Chris. It’s bright and carries a sense of peace I can really appreciate right now. Thank you for posting it.

  2. Aaron said:

    Fantastic Chris – love it

  3. Morgan said:

    It’s half ten on a friday night here, relaxing is my night’s ambition and this mix went down a treat. Space Is The Place. Thanks

  4. LH said:

    Some serious jams. Great listening.

  5. Too bad I didn’t see this before, would’ve offered my companionship in the Danish zone. Give me a heads up, if you’re ever nearby Aarhus.

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