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Not to much to say about this mix besides that it is an absolute killer. You could download a few days worth of podcasts and I would bet you will find more originality and personality in this 80 minutes than the rest combined. Fresh, engaging selection by Traxx and put together with real skill and nuance. Brilliant. If you like people like Morphosis, get on this ASAP. Normally I don’t really care about tracklists, but this is one I’d actually love to have – some amazing records in this mix. Check it:


Our next Sound Garden, and presumably last for this year, is coming up next month. For this event we are trying out a new venue, Time Out Cafe, which is located above Liquid Room in Ebisu. While we enjoy doing parties at Orbit, we thought it could be good for the party to try somewhere different. We’ve been doing Sound Garden for a few years now and are looking for ways to continue developing the concept. So we are going to see how we go at Time Out. I played there earlier this year and really enjoyed myself, I think this will work well. This time our special guest is Takahashi, one of the organizers and resident DJs for VETA. We really like what VETA have been doing with their parties, and we think Takahashi has an interesting taste in music. We are looking forward to hearing what he is going to play for us. So if you are in Tokyo on 15 November, come down to TIme Out Cafe and join us. He’s a recording of Takahashi playing earlier this year:

RA event page:

Facebook event page:


Atom TM has launched a new digital label, which will be reissuing remastered versions of music from his massive archive of releases. Appropriately he has started at the start, reissuing his first ever EP and album. There are two surprising and impressive aspects to it: (1) Atom TM doing EBM style productions, I previously was not aware he had done any music in this vein, and (2) it is amazing how well this tracks have stood the test of time, especially considering they were his first releases. This is a really fantastic reissue and definitely worth checking. I am looking forward to more releases from his archive.


“Tao” is the debut album for a new artist, Yko. It’s droning ambient, a sound that is well suited for quiet moments of reflection. It’s a cohesive and beautiful statement, and something I think followers of the blog / ssgs might enjoy. You can pick it up on CD or digital through the bandcamp of Ako recordings:


Effortlessly beautiful mix of haunting ambient and otherworldly shoegaze from one of my favourites, Silent Servant.  The perfect soundtrack for a weary soul.

SS/S // Siglo 2
Psychic TV // The Full Pack
Rene Hell // Gas
Philippe D’Aram // Canis Lupus ( Fasciantion Soundtrack)
Love Cult // Fingers Crossed
Dirty Beaches // Floating Underwater Watching Waves
Broadcast and The Focus Group // Investigate Witch-cults of the Radio Age
Robert Turman // Flux 3
Pink Industry // Situation
Puce Moment // Video DADA
Kendra Smith Presents the Guild of Temporal Adventurers // Iridescence 31
Fennesz // Shift
Avrocar // Vayleen
Samuel Kerridge // From The Shadows that Melt Flesh ( 2 )
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental // Interferon
Tropic of Cancer // Fall Apart ( DIJ)