Songs for Sleep


Effortlessly beautiful mix of haunting ambient and otherworldly shoegaze from one of my favourites, Silent Servant.  The perfect soundtrack for a weary soul.

SS/S // Siglo 2
Psychic TV // The Full Pack
Rene Hell // Gas
Philippe D’Aram // Canis Lupus ( Fasciantion Soundtrack)
Love Cult // Fingers Crossed
Dirty Beaches // Floating Underwater Watching Waves
Broadcast and The Focus Group // Investigate Witch-cults of the Radio Age
Robert Turman // Flux 3
Pink Industry // Situation
Puce Moment // Video DADA
Kendra Smith Presents the Guild of Temporal Adventurers // Iridescence 31
Fennesz // Shift
Avrocar // Vayleen
Samuel Kerridge // From The Shadows that Melt Flesh ( 2 )
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental // Interferon
Tropic of Cancer // Fall Apart ( DIJ)


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