Atom TM – “Lassigue Bendthaus​/​Matter (23rd anniversary edition)”


Atom TM has launched a new digital label, which will be reissuing remastered versions of music from his massive archive of releases. Appropriately he has started at the start, reissuing his first ever EP and album. There are two surprising and impressive aspects to it: (1) Atom TM doing EBM style productions, I previously was not aware he had done any music in this vein, and (2) it is amazing how well this tracks have stood the test of time, especially considering they were his first releases. This is a really fantastic reissue and definitely worth checking. I am looking forward to more releases from his archive.

  1. Definitely going to purchase many of the reissues that will be available through his bandcamp.
    Seems like a good opportunity for those, as myself, that are not familiar with Atom’s earliest works.

    Agree on both points as well, Atom doing EBM was a surprise, and its fairly impressive how well he manage to execute it. I guess considering the character we should’ve expected it.

  2. Mike F said:

    Funny, i started with Ebm and Records from Uwe. Saw him playing as Leassigue Benthaus 1991 in Lipzia. Now i am listining to Ambient and Techno aswell and got all these Records in my cellar. But you are right. You still can listen to his Records after all these Years and it is still fresh. Uwe is and was a really important Input to the electronic Music. Greetz from Germany

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