Monthly Archives: November 2013


As many of you may have heard, Bernard Parmegiani passed away last week. While I was aware of his name, it is only in the last 12-18 months that I really begun to explore his music properly. So I make no claims to be anything approaching an expert on Parmegiani, nor do I know enough to say anything meaningful about his death. For that, I’d suggest reading this post from Keith Fullerton Whitman. Following KFW’s advice, I have spent this week returning to “L’Oeuvre Musicale en 12 CD”, a massive compilation of Parmegiani’s work that was released a few years ago. Doing so I think I have been even more impressed than I was when I first got the compilation. It is not necessarily the most accessible music (but much more than many of his GRM peers, I would suggest), but it does make for an incredibly worthwhile and valuable listening experience if you stick with it. Parmegiani has left an amazing legacy of musical exploration and innovation, which I would strongly suggest exploring.  INA GRM are selling the compilation direct for 40 euro, which is a very good deal for 12 CDs of mind expanding music: