Svreca at Unit, Tokyo


In a relatively short space of time, Svreca has built up a very strong connection with Japan. One of the shared experiences that contributed to this bond was the majestic set he played at Frue’s party at Unit last February. Across more than 4 hours he demonstrated his talents as a DJ, carefully constructing a powerful set of hypnotic and captivating techno.

Now, a year later, he is playing for Frue again. He is doing two gigs for them:  On Friday 24 January he is playing an evening show at the Museum Contemporary Art Tokyo, where I will also be playing. And then on Saturday 25 January he is doing open to close at Unit, which will surely be a special journey… If you are in Tokyo, make sure to check these parties, both should be killer.

And to get people in the mood, Svreca and Frue have kindly agreed to share the recording of his set at Unit last year. Enjoy, it’s a beauty:

More info: Frue // Semantica // Svreca on twitter

  1. Nice one ! What’s the ID of the first track played in part 1 ? I’ve already heard it, but can’t pinpoint the artist / track… Any help would be highly appreciated ! Thanks !

  2. Cesar said:

    This is a great set.
    Any chance of ID for the last track of pt1.

  3. ML said:

    I would also like to know that track!

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