Max Loderbauer – “Transparenz”


Max Loderbauer’s album from last year, “Transparenz”, managed to fly under many people’s radars, despite a lot of signifiers that should have helped give it more attention: he works with Ricky V, it was released on Tobias’ label, there was a nice review from RA, and Hardwax gave it a strong recommendation and later included it on their 2013 charts. Saying that, it is also easy to understand why it wasn’t picked up more: it does not really match with current trends, and it is by no means an easy listen. While it is certainly not a difficult record, most of it does take some time to process (at least that was the case with me). Normally if I don’t connect with a record quickly, it is highly unlikely that will change over time. But I have stuck with “Transparenz” and now coming back to it after a few months break it has really hit me. It’s minimal, stripped back and very well produced. My friend described it better than I could, so I will just quote him: “the synth patches are sophisticated and very tasteful, unique and totally of its own world.” So if you have a bit of patience, I strongly suggest checking this one out, it’s worth it.

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