GNOD – “The Somnambulist’s Tale”

Gnod -The Somnambulist's Tale Front

GNOD have been around for a while, but they only came to my attention last year through the excellent “GNOD presents… Dwellings & Druss” on Trensmat. After that, I started exploring a bit, and picked up some of the releases on their Tesla Tapes label, the digitals of which are ridiculously cheap through their bandcamp page. So despite not knowing too much by the collective, I was rather surprised when I first listened to their new LP on Aguirre. I was expecting something rough and raw, instead I got two 20 minute slabs of enchanting krautrock. Across the two sides of the record, a loose, messy, wonderful jam unfolds and meanders, pushed along by a loop that you could happily play forever. What is impressive is that while it is certainly very reminiscent of early krautrock acts this does not feel like a simple copy, far from it.

According to the press sheet this is an “early” recording from GNOD, so I don’t know exactly when they made it, but this is shaping up to be one of my favourite releases of 2014 so far. You can pick up the vinyl or digital direct through Aguirre’s bandcamp. Definitely check this, it’s a beauty.



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