Clubberia mix

For those interested, this week’s Clubberia mix is from yours truly. It’s a recording of my warm up set for the Frue party a few weeks ago with Svreca. It was a Friday evening event at the cafe at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, which also happens to be my favourite museum here. The organizers had made a real effort to transform the space, and it was really enjoyable to be at a different event – a new setting, not late at night, and more experimental music. The aim of my set was to start the night with music that was strong but balanced. Perhaps you could call it “power ambient” – there is force to the music, some of it has certain gravity, but it is not meant to be overpowering. I wanted to push the audience with some challenging moments, but never to go too far. In the end, I felt I had managed to achieve this.

CB 195 – Chris SSG live at Frue 24.1.14

Robert Turman – “Flux 1”
Alva Noto – “Xerrox Phaser Acat 1”
Ben Frost – “A Crude Awakening”
Bruce Gilbert – “Work For ‘Do You Me? I Did’ (1 & 2) / Swamp”
Robert Ashley – “Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon”
Elaine Radigue – “Adnos I”
Ø – “Radio”
Ben Frost – “Killshot”
Barnett + Coloccia – “Harbour”
ANBB – “Bersteinzimmer”
Paul Jebanasam – “Rites II”
Coil – “Going Up”
Peter Rehberg – “Boxes Angels”
Kreng – “Snuff (part 2)”
Ø – “Takaisin”


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