2013 in review: reissues


Umm… I got busy and ran out of time to do this post earlier… But given that they are reissues, it shouldn’t matter this post is a bit late. I don’t have the time / motivation to say much about each of the releases, but just trust me, all are worth checking:

Palm Highway Chase – “Escape From New York” [Spectrum Spools]: This is only a few years old, but it is a reissue, so it gets included here. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just some throwaway 80s pastiche. There is a lot more going on here. It’s a perfectly structured and weighted record. So good.

Mike Ratledge – “Riddles of the Sphinx” [Mordant Music]: Just the right amount of weirdness on this one. An enchanting listen.

Klaus Schulze & Guenter Schickert – The Schulze-Schickert Session [Mirumir]: This record went largely unnoticed last year, which is a shame, because it is stunning. Perfect after a party or a late night. Beautiful, drifting kosmische. Essential.

Mammane Sani et son Orgue – “La Musique Electronique du Niger” [Sahel Sounds]: This is some dude jamming on shitty electronic organ in the 1970s, but he manages to create something pretty special.  Simple but stunning.

Recollection GRM: These reissues have probably have a bigger influence on my listening over the last 1.5 years than anything else. Most of it may not be easy listening, but it is incredibly rewarding and powerful. If you have a bit of patience and want to learn more about the foundations of electronic music, I strongly suggest you spend some time with this label.


  1. Some great suggestions Chris, thank you, really enjoying the Palm Highway Chase stuff. I’m an old fan of mnml ssgs from way back and appreciate the time and effort you take to introduce sounds to whomever. We meet once or twice at Labyrinth and I hope to make it back again this year… Have booked a flight already so we will see how it pans out. Domo arigatou, Chris

  2. Eliott said:

    I bought the Schulze-Schickert Session in a shop in Paris last year to the recommandation of my girlfriend. Beautiful record and very happy to see that it appears in your 2013 reissues selection… E

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