Container – “Adhesive”


So “noise techno” (or “post-techno” as Dave the silent ssg bravely dubbed it) has become a lot more prominent in the last 12-18 months. And like many trends, what started with promise has quickly petered out into something pretty crap. Too often it has just been an excuse for flat out shitty music passing off as something acceptable (i.e. Pete Swanson). But listening to the new EP from Container – who has been one of the most pivotal artists in this trend – has made me reassess my opinion slightly. While I remain highly sceptical of most of what has been coming out (including the vastly over-rated and thoroughly mediocre “Feral Grind” comp), Container demonstrates that there are still interesting possibilities to be explored in this noise – techno crossover (I know this is a simplified way of putting it, but you know what I mean). The problem is more the ideas and the execution is lacking… I remain doubtful that much more interesting music will emerge from this trend, but at least Container is still pushing things. This EP is well worth checking.

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