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140115-Vermont-KompaktThe debut album from Vermont might be easy to overlook. It’s by Marcus Worgull from Innervisions and Danilo Plessow from Motor City Drum Ensemble. I guess they are connected with pretty popular projects, but nothing that interests me. And it’s on Kompakt, which well, it’s not the early 2000s unfortunately, so I can’t say I listen to much stuff from the label anymore. And the music itself is rather understated. But this is definitely worth checking, as it happens to be very enjoyable. The album is nothing mindblowing, but I don’t think it is trying to be. It’s relaxing, warm, inviting ambient music with some slight kosmische overtones. Something to put on when tired or just feel like chilling out. I’ve only just picked this up, but I think I’ll be listening to it quite a bit. Worth checking.


I’m not sure about you, but I am finding it harder and harder to find inspired mixes these days. After a pretty nice run, the quality of podcasts have really dropped off and most these days are remarkably mediocre. So, once again, when an impressive mix appears, it really stands out and is something to be sincerely appreciated. The new effort by Optimo, “Dark was the night”, most definitely falls into this category. Optimo have a well-deserved reputation for being serious selectors, but even by their standards this is an impressive effort. The tracklisting is inspired not only for its breadth, but also for its composition: they do a great job of joining records you would never think would match. The mix also eschews the standard ‘ambient intro – build to techno – end with poignant track’ structure and has a much more unpredictable flow, which is thoroughly refreshing. So music lovers and aspiring DJs, make sure to check this mix CD. Proper pro styles.



I get a pretty regular stream of emails asking me about how to get access to the old mnml ssgs mixes, despite the information already being available on the old mnml ssgs blog, and on the mnml ssgs soundcloud. Anyway, just so I can stop answering the emails, I’ll put the info here:

Most of the links on the blog are dead, and we are not maintaining the blog at all. BUT all the mixes are still online. There are two ways you can find them:

  1. There is a full archive of the mnml ssgs mixes (unfortunately not in order) here:
  2. Search on google with: artist + mnml ssgs and it should come up as one of the top hits

Easy. So don’t worry – you can still get access to everything, it just takes a bit more work than before. But it really is not hard at all to find all the old ssgs mixes. And I thoroughly recommend spending some time with the archive – there are plenty of amazing mixes there.

For a long time Conrad Schnitzler was a name I recognized, but never actually knew too much about. It was only after his passing a few years ago that I began to discover more. While I knew he was associated with the kosmische / krautrock scene, I didn’t know he was much weirder and more experimental than a lot of the other artists associated with those tags. One problem is that his discography is rather imposing, which can make it a bit difficult to know where to start. So this recent session at the Boiler Room is very useful. Wolfgang Seidel, an old collaborator and friend, performs a set composed solely on Schnitzler’s work. It’s an excellent introduction. And if you want to dig a bit more, my favourite releases are “Gelb“, “Con” / “Ballet Statique”, and “Trigger Trilogy“. Further Records have also recently made his “Live ’72” album available digitally, which is also worth checking. Con’s stuff is amazing, definitely worth exploring.