Conrad Schnitzler

For a long time Conrad Schnitzler was a name I recognized, but never actually knew too much about. It was only after his passing a few years ago that I began to discover more. While I knew he was associated with the kosmische / krautrock scene, I didn’t know he was much weirder and more experimental than a lot of the other artists associated with those tags. One problem is that his discography is rather imposing, which can make it a bit difficult to know where to start. So this recent session at the Boiler Room is very useful. Wolfgang Seidel, an old collaborator and friend, performs a set composed solely on Schnitzler’s work. It’s an excellent introduction. And if you want to dig a bit more, my favourite releases are “Gelb“, “Con” / “Ballet Statique”, and “Trigger Trilogy“. Further Records have also recently made his “Live ’72” album available digitally, which is also worth checking. Con’s stuff is amazing, definitely worth exploring.

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