mnml ssgs mix archive


I get a pretty regular stream of emails asking me about how to get access to the old mnml ssgs mixes, despite the information already being available on the old mnml ssgs blog, and on the mnml ssgs soundcloud. Anyway, just so I can stop answering the emails, I’ll put the info here:

Most of the links on the blog are dead, and we are not maintaining the blog at all. BUT all the mixes are still online. There are two ways you can find them:

  1. There is a full archive of the mnml ssgs mixes (unfortunately not in order) here:
  2. Search on google with: artist + mnml ssgs and it should come up as one of the top hits

Easy. So don’t worry – you can still get access to everything, it just takes a bit more work than before. But it really is not hard at all to find all the old ssgs mixes. And I thoroughly recommend spending some time with the archive – there are plenty of amazing mixes there.

  1. Lucas said:

    I really miss mnml ssgs.

    Don’t get me wrong, love what you post here, but it was an exciting time and you guys unearthed whole worlds of deep underground goodness. Eternally Thankful 🙂

  2. thanks.

    that’s fine, i miss ssgs too! but it was a for a certain time and space, and that’s gone… but we had a good run!

  3. Luke said:

    An amazing run! I’m just listening to mnml ssgs mx12 at the moment ( a rainy autumn day in Sydney), and to my horror realized I only have one of the most moving and in influential techno mixes I’ve ever heard in 160 kbps. Do you have a 320 kbps version Chris or even (dare I hope) a lossless verison? I understand you probably put it up at lower quality back in 2008 due to the size constraints (4.5 hours or techno bliss).


  4. Luke Thomas G said:

    Any love? 😉

  5. Hey, so, official FM isn’t a thing anymore… Is there any other place we can find old MNML SSG sets? Or just scattered around the web uploaded by random people?

    Oh, and thanks so much for all the amazing sets, really, it’s like a freaking gold mine, I just so desperately need so many IDs XDD

    Well, hope there is a place to get them, I couldn’t find any 😦

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