Live at Louver

Last Saturday night Tokyo was graced by Yves De Mey, who treated us to a set of sonically powerful and dynamic midtempo techno. It was a controlled and impressive performance, and I really liked the way he translated his productions into a live setting. Definitely worth checking, if you can. I had the pleasure of being on warm up duties, playing the 12 – 2 slot before Yves. This night was definitely not supposed to be about straight 4/4 techno, so I took advantage of having an open minded crowd. I’ve been interested in playing opening sets that incorporate drone and more experimental material, while still trying to present it in a way that is not alienating and can work in a club context. With this set I was very conscious about pushing people, but not so much that they tuned out. I think I managed to get the balance about right, and it gave the overall set an interesting push and pull dynamic. It begins lighter and brighter, before heading into drone and bass. I am not completely sure how well the recording translates out of the club setting, but I decided I wanted to share it here because I think it gives a pretty accurate representation of what I’m trying to do with my DJing at present.

I haven’t made a tracklisting for the mix, but if anyone wants any track IDs, just leave a comment here or on Soundcloud and I’ll reply. Thanks to Tomo and Atsushi for having me play, and for all the artists and crowd at Louver for a fun and rewarding night. Hope you enjoy the recording.

  1. Ezra said:

    Really enjoying this mix. First two track titles?

  2. 1st track is Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook – Finally I
    2nd track is Imre Kiss “Sweet Cherry Soul”

  3. sgb said:

    Excellent mix, thanks for sharing !

    Is it too late to ask for the ID of the third track ? And the one starting around 18:30 please ?

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