N.M.O. – “Nederlandse Maatschappij Ontwikkeling”


Been meaning to post about this release for a while. On the label website, N.M.O. is introduced as:

Navngitt Mønster Opptog brings together Norwegian drummer and percussionist Morten Olsen (snare drum, tape delay) and Ruben Patiño (laptop, mixer). Their joint project blends acoustic and computer generated sounds while exploring the boundaries of repetitive structures and sound spatialisation.

I have no idea who these guys are, but that intro kind of gives you an idea to what they are doing. Their 1st release, “Dominant Akord”, is kind of cool, but more for the promise it holds than what it actually does. Their potential is much more fully realized on their 2nd outing, “Nederlandse Maatschappij Ontwikkeling”. The most obvious point of comparison would be Powell’s music, and people who like what he and Diagonal have been doing, are probably going to really like N.M.O. It has a similar kind of off-kilter, weirdo energy to it. But N.M.O. feel much more machine-like, for lack of a better expression. Reminds me of the title from that old Green Velvet track, “technology’s out of control“. This release is well worth checking, and I will definitely be keeping a close eye on these guys – I think N.M.O. has the makings of a potentially very interesting project.



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