Oliver Ho is hardly a new face when it comes to techno. I remember being a big fan of his early work on Blueprint and his explorations of tribabl techno on his own Meta label. But since then I have struggled to connect with much of what he has done. For whatever reason I found much of the output under his Raudive alias as a bit awkward. There were often interesting ideas there, his production is always excellent, but for whatever reason I felt most of it just didn’t quite work. My opinion has really changed in the last few years, however. Perhaps my tastes have altered, perhaps the project matches better with the current zeitgeist, perhaps he’s just finally found the right balance of funk and weirdness. Or most likely a combination of these things. I felt the “Levels” EP from a few years was his strongest work as Raudive, until his LP last year, “A System of Objects“. This was very quietly one of the better albums of last year, and was followed up by a very strong EP this year on Jealous God under a new alias, Broken English Club. Basically this is a rather long way of saying that it really feels like Oliver Ho is hitting a sweet patch once again with his productions.

Ho recently put together a mix for Electronic Explorations composed of productions under his Raudive, Broken English Club and Zov Zov aliases. Honestly I don’t really see too much difference in what he is doing with the different projects, they all seem to be operating roughly in a spectrum of post-punk weirdo dance music that veers into the experimental realm. Regardless, this mix does a great job of showcasing the freaked out vibe he has been very successfully creating. I strongly suggest checking the mix, as it indicates the rather distinctive and interesting direction Ho is currently headed in.

Electronic Explorations mix #316 – Oliver Ho

It is also worth heading over and checking out Electronic Explorations, as they’ve had a very strong run of mixes lately.


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