Death And Vanilla – “Vampyr”


I don’t really not much about this release or the group that made it. I am not even sure how exactly I found it. But I do know I like it. The description provided by the label is as follows: “This semi-improvised performance was recorded live during the screening of Carl Theodor Dreyers Vampyr (1932) at Fantastisk Filmfestival, Lunds Stadsteater 2012.09.23. ” That provides us with a bit of context. Over 2 sides, each a bit under 30 minutes, the music unfolds at a slow and deliberate pace. Given the theme, I guess there was the danger of the music being a bit overly heavy, but that is not the case. It is quite gentle and open, while cultivating has a slightly haunting atmosphere to. It kind of has a krautrock-ish / pysch band kind of vibe to it, but it is more restrained and controlled. Pretty much the only thing I dislike about the release is the artwork, which is a pretty poor rip on Edvard Munch’s work. And given that Munch actually did a series entitled “Vampire” (which this picture above is from), there is even less excuse for the artwork the album used! Anyway, besides that it is a really nice release and well worth giving a listen.



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  1. Chris said:

    Good to have you back posting regularly. Don’t always get what you’ve been listening to and recommending, but it’s always interesting. CD

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