TCF is probably not an artist you would have come across yet, but I have a feeling he is going to be much more widely known pretty soon. He definitely has a sound and an approach that Boomkat and the ‘critical’ media really go for. And he’s got a Liberation Technologies EP on the way, so that presumably will get quite a lot of attention. [On a side note, it really does seem like Liberation Technologies are basing their release strategy solely on who is tipped in Boomkat mailouts. ] Anyway… back to TCF. He also happens to be making some very interesting and distinctive music, hence this post. From what I’ve heard so far, there definitely are grounds for following his output. To date – from what I can tell – his only ‘major’ release is a tape on YYAA, which is available in digital through Boomkat. Across almost 50 minutes he composes a pretty unique universe that falls somewhere in between Lorenzo Senni and Bee Mask and perhaps even some of the GRM guys. Like Senni it does have this kind of ‘experimental trance’ thing going on, but I find it much more measured. I would definitely recommend giving it a listen. One of my favourite releases this year. He’s also got a couple of a mixes on his soundcloud, which are well worth checking. I’ve put my favourite one below. So, in short: keep an eye on TCF. Very interesting project with a lot of potential…




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