Sonic levitation mix


Apologies for the blog being rather quiet. It has been a very busy and tiring end to a very busy and tiring year. I did, however, find the time to put together the 25th edition of the excellent Mysteries of the Deep podcast. I don’t really want to say much about the mix, in case I accidentally contribute to the creation of a new subgenre / techno meme… Anyway, it is something I created for moments when feeling tired, run down or world-weary.

My very sincere thanks to Grant, the curator of the Mysteries of the Deep series, who kindly invited me to contribute. Thanks also to all the producers featured on this mix, their music has given me energy and peace when I’ve needed it. I hope you might get something from listening to this mix too.

Chris SSG – Sonic levitation mix
Music for bruised heads and tired souls
Tod Dockstader – “Floating Up”
Maggi Payne – “Shimmer”
Laurie Spiegel – “Appalachian Grove I”
Jo Johnson – “Words Came After Music”
Justin Walter – “Western Tears”
Brett Naucke – “Rilea”
Ken Camden – “Eta Carinae”
Pulse Emitter – “Shamanic Pictographs”
Imaginary Softwoods – “Eye Color”
Steve Hauschildt – “Backwards Glance”
Gunnar Haslam – “Meter By Me, Sybil”
Dopplereffekt – “Z-Boson”
Cliff Martinez – “Rubber Head”
Outer Space – “The Planck Era”
Forma – “Forma 358”
Tod Dockstader – “Float Down”

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