Svreca back in Tokyo


Svreca is returning to Japan to play a few more Frue parties. These have quickly become one of the key fixtures in Tokyo’s annual party calendar. The Spanish DJ has really managed to build a special bond with the Frue organizers and the Japanese crowd. Like his last visit at the start of the year, Frue will be doing a series of parties. On Thursday night, they’ll be at Dommune. The on Saturday evening, they will be hosting a more experimental night at Super Deluxe, where I will be DJing. Finally on Monday they’ll be doing a big all-night party at Unit. Joining Svreca for all these events will be Varg from Northern Electronics, who will be performing live at each event. He’s been emerging as a very interesting producer, and is rated highly by people whose opinion I trust, so I am looking forward to hearing him play.

Frue at Dommune, Thursday 18 December: Svreca, Varg, Asyl Cahier

Frue at SuperDeluxe, Saturday 20 December: Svreca, Varg, Agi Yuzuru, Bing x Masaya Nakahara, Chris SSG

Frue at Unit, Monday 22 December: Svreca, Varg, Wata Igarashi + more

And if you want to hear what happened last time Frue brought Svreca to Japan, the Clubberia podcast series has featured more than 3 hours of his set at Unit, as well as my set from the experimental party a few nights before.


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