Some worthwhile mixes from 2014

I don’t have the energy or motivation to come up with anything definitive or complete, but here is a selection of some of my favourite podcasts for 2014. I am making no claims to these being the ‘best’, but when I looked for the mixes I listened to the most frequently during the year, these were the ones I came up with:

First time to hear something by Rebolledo, who appears to be a Mexican addition to the Kompakt family. Anyway, he keeps up with Barnt, so that means he must be more than ok. Nothing too sensible hear, but very cool party vibes – reminds me of classic Kompakt era stuff.

Best ASC mix since his RA podcast. Perfectly balanced.

Composed and executed in 2013, but released in 2014. A fitting tribute to Pete Namlook.

Kind of loses it a bit in the later part, but the energy in the first hour is electric.

Killer electro workout.

That’ll do.


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