New drones


I’m very partial to my deep, meditative drones, so I am very happy to have come across a couple of brilliant recent releases. All of these are pretty reduced, very much in the Eliane Radigue zone. And interestingly, all by women, though I am not sure there is any greater meaning there…

Else Marie Pade – “Electronic Works 1958 – 1995”

Important records are always a very reliable source of drone music, with some great releases from Radigue, Eleh and the like. Don’t really know anything about Pade, beyond what the press sheet says. As it is a 2CD / 3LP, I’m still digesting it, can’t do it all in one sitting, but there is definitely some very strong material here.

Fran Reed – “Soop Kitchen”

Again, I have no idea who this person is. I discovered it through Advisory Circle’s EoY chart. There isn’t that much info about her online from my quick look, but it appears it is her debut album and she is inspired by the San Francisco tape centre. It is very impressive for a 1st release, very singular and well realised.

Sarah Davachi – “August Harp”

I was happy to recently discover that the digital version of this had been made available. I had been waiting since it appeared on tape, as I really liked her first release, “The Untuning of the Sky”. And while that is a strong release, wow, her new one is seriously next level. This has quickly become my favourite drone release in … I am not sure, but a while. This is profound, captivating stuff. Davachi has an upcoming release on Students of Decay, which I am now eagerly awaiting. From these releases – and especially “August Harp” – it is clear that Davachi is a special talent with great potential. Really looking forward to following where she goes from here.


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