Monthly Archives: February 2015


Secret Thirteen have been very busy expanding since I contributed to their mix series back in December 2012. They’ve added almost 100 mixes since then, plus other features and interviews as they’ve developed into one of the leading sites for experimental electronic music. In the process, my mix might have been lost, so I thought I’d re-upload it, as it was an important statement for me. This was a reflection of the music I began exploring following the end of mnml ssgs, when I really spent a lot of time learning about early electronic music and drawing lines to contemporary sounds. This mix was my first attempt to connect them, and I think it holds up well. So in case you missed it, please check it out – it contains a lot of powerful, distinctive music.

Download here

01. Umberto Di Grazia – Ipnos (Solo) [Creel Pone]
02. Klaus Ager – Sondern Die Sterne Sinds (2) [Creel Pone]
03. Alvin Lucier – The Wire II [Lovely Music]
04. Yann Geslin – Variations Didactiques [INA-GRM]
05. Eliane Radigue – Kailasha [Experimental Intermedia Foundation]
06. Bernard Parmegiani – Violostries – Végétal [INA-GRM]
07. Ivo Malec – Week-End [Éditions Salabert]
08. Henrik N Björkk – Machine Elves Floating [Vicmod Records]
09. Robert Hampson – Signaux 2 [Editions Mego]
10. Mika Vainio / Kevin Drumm / Axel Dörner / Lucio Capece – II [Pan]
11. Bee Mask – Scanops [Room40]


I’ve been preparing lots of new music for my set tomorrow at Unit, so I thought I would put together a new RA chart, which I have reposted here. The Porter Ricks remix is amazing – had this killer sub-bass you won’t even notice unless you are listening to it on a good system. Sykes appears to be a promising newcomer on Fullpanda, Sendai deliver one of their best tracks to date, Emika produced a great electro leaning EP, while Nick Klein has put together a great EP of dirty techno for Unknown Precept. Quite a lot of cool stuff floating around at the moment, much of which I will be playing tomorrow. Planning on taking full advantage of getting to play on the mainfloor of Unit. Will be going in heavy and weird. Looking forward to it!

  • Ryo Murakami – “Statical” (Porter Ricks change of tide remix) [Meakusma]
  • Stephanie Sykes – “Perplex” [Fullpanda]
  • M.E.S.H. – “Scythians (Logos remix)” [PAN]
  • Nick Klein- “Pain P.M.” [Unknown Precept]
  • Emika – “Melancholia Euphoria A” [Emika Records]
  • Ninos Du Brasil – “Aromobates NDB” [DFA Records]
  • Shackleton – “Cast The Die” [Woe to the Septic Heart]
  • Sendai – “Inverse Array 1” [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
  • Powell – “Club Music (Ancient Methods ‘Körpersäure91′ Remix)” [Diagonal Records]
  • Solvent – “Burn The Tables (Orphx Remix)” [Suction Records]