February 2015 charts


I’ve been preparing lots of new music for my set tomorrow at Unit, so I thought I would put together a new RA chart, which I have reposted here. The Porter Ricks remix is amazing – had this killer sub-bass you won’t even notice unless you are listening to it on a good system. Sykes appears to be a promising newcomer on Fullpanda, Sendai deliver one of their best tracks to date, Emika produced a great electro leaning EP, while Nick Klein has put together a great EP of dirty techno for Unknown Precept. Quite a lot of cool stuff floating around at the moment, much of which I will be playing tomorrow. Planning on taking full advantage of getting to play on the mainfloor of Unit. Will be going in heavy and weird. Looking forward to it!

  • Ryo Murakami – “Statical” (Porter Ricks change of tide remix) [Meakusma]
  • Stephanie Sykes – “Perplex” [Fullpanda]
  • M.E.S.H. – “Scythians (Logos remix)” [PAN]
  • Nick Klein- “Pain P.M.” [Unknown Precept]
  • Emika – “Melancholia Euphoria A” [Emika Records]
  • Ninos Du Brasil – “Aromobates NDB” [DFA Records]
  • Shackleton – “Cast The Die” [Woe to the Septic Heart]
  • Sendai – “Inverse Array 1” [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
  • Powell – “Club Music (Ancient Methods ‘Körpersäure91′ Remix)” [Diagonal Records]
  • Solvent – “Burn The Tables (Orphx Remix)” [Suction Records]

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