Blackened Disco 13


I put together a new mix for the Blackened Disco series out of Russia. They generally focus on more experimental and abstract sounds, with previous contributions from people like Vindicatrix, Duane Pitre, Lussuria and Graham Lambkin. So I thought I’d use it as a good chance to focus on drone, ambient and music in a similar zone. Probably about half of the tracks played are from 2014 releases, including selections from some of my favourite albums of last year, produced by Sarah Davachi, Yair Etziony, Lawrence English and Wolves in the Throne Room. It was recorded at home last month in one take, using the same setup as when I play out. Hope you enjoy the mix and thanks to the Blackened Disco crew for inviting me.

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Imaginary Softwoods – Describing Pain
Eliane Radigue – Geelriandre
Bernard Parmegiani – Conjugaison Du Timbre
EHŒCO – Masse-Tête
François Bayle – Purgatoire: Chiffre 4 / Les Sculptures: No. 2 “Notre Père”
Sarah Davachi – Banyan
Compound Eye – Cyclic Permutations
Pouya Ehsaei – There 5
Luc Ferrari – Éphémère I
Bernard Parmegiani – Géologie Sonore
Yair Etziony – Oracle
Alessandro Cortini – Di Passaggio
Coil – The Sea Priestess
Cyclobe – Son of Sons of Light
Hiss Tracts – Windpipe Gtrs
Lawrence English – Hapless Gatherer
Alessandro Cortini – Scappa
Mika Vainio – Weight
Wolves in the Throne Room – Sleeping Golden Storm


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