Recent Bandcamp selections

A selection of my favourite recent purchases made through Bandcamp:

This kind of sounds like a hi-res version of Karen Gwyer’s album, it is very striking and beautiful. Coverdale is kind of operating with a kind of sound and genre I normally wouldn’t have much time for, but she really gets the balance right. This is shaping up as one of my favourite releases of 2015 so far, and I’m keen to check her upcoming collab album on Umor Rex.

Not sure what it is about Max Loderbauer, but he seems to have a knack for collaborations… “Ridges” is an appropriate title for this release, it does conjure up strong images of the outdoors, and drifting across mountains and into valleys. Both tracks have a very calming, almost meditative feel to them, this unfold and move along at a gentle pace. Quite a distinctive release, doesn’t really match much with what else is going around at the moment, but nothing wrong with that. Strong release.

This is definitely a much heavier listen than the previous recommendations. Until recently I’ve never really connected with Richard Skelton’s stuff, but I have really liked a few remixes he has completed in the last year, as well as his first Inward Circles album. None of it has grabbed me as strongly as this one. This is definitely weighty and sombre but sufficiently beautiful to make the listening experience thoroughly worthwhile. Reminds me a lot of Lawrence English’s strongest work, which I am also a big fan of.

Abul Mogard is a name I came across recently, as a result of his Not Waving remix and his contribution to the one of the new Schlieben splits. Supposedly he is a retired Serbian factory worker, although part of me wonders whether this is a creative backstory… Regardless, the main thing is the music is very strong. Warm droning ambient, I guess is how you could describe it. Well worth checking.


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