Monthly Archives: May 2015


I am very happy to say that I have joined the Compound Artists agency for bookings outside of Japan. Compound is a new agency that is taking care of quite a few friends of MNML SSGS ( natural/electronic.system, Yuka, Erika, Material Object) and I’m excited to be working with them. For more info about Compound, you can check their website and facebook.

Compound have also start a series of “minipods”, which are 30 minute promo mixes from artists on their roster. The latest edition is from myself and provides a snapshot of what I am doing in my DJ sets at the moment. Actually distilling things down into half an hour was a very useful and interesting challenge. I found it much more difficult than recording a longer mix. You can check it on Soundcloud (or download here):


1. Pitreleh – “Enclosure Wave Ramp”
2. Alva Noto – “Xerrox Spark”
3. Monolake – “Inwards”
4. MESH – “Sycthians (Logos remix)”
5. Vladislav Delay – “Kotilainen”
6. Akkord – “Gravure Continuum (Fis Hayfield to New Mills version)”
7. Roly Porter – “Cloud”
8. Pan Sonic – “Pan Finale”
9. Kangding Ray – “La Belle”

It looks like I am going to be in Berlin for the 2nd half of August and maybe the start of September, so if you are interested in booking me, please get in touch with Jana at Compound:



The next Sound Garden at Aoyama Tunnel is scheduled to provided some relaxation after all the Golden Week craziness… This time we are very happy to invite SlyAngle as our guest. He’s responsible for the recent series of BONDAID parties, which have been pushing really innovative and interesting sounds in Tokyo. SlyAngle’s interest in challenging, forward thinking music matches closely with our aesthetic and we are really looking forward to hearing his selection. Expect some fresh music. Joining him will be your usual Sound Garden residends, Chris, David and Jerome. By now you know what to expect: quality music and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. So come down and have a drink with us.

Sound Garden at Aoyama Tunnel

Thursday 7 May, 21:00 – 2:00, FREE.

21:00 – 22:00 Chris SSG
22:00 – 23:20 Jelomu
23:20 – 00:40 SlyAngle
00:40 – 02:00 David Dicembre