Monthly Archives: August 2015


Nadia Khan appears to be a new artist, with 2 tape / digital releases to her name this year. I’ve been listening to “Open Interior” pretty regularly throughout the year, and I’ve just discovered her equally strong follow up, “Deep Court”, which I am now enjoying. Across these two releases there is not one specific track that grabs me, most appeal about equally. What I really like is the general general mood she evokes: a kind of wistful feeling, without ever getting too melancholic. Well worth checking.


dommune 100815

About a year ago I did a chill out session during the 7-9pm slot at Dommune. I really enjoyed myself, and people watching seemed to like it to, so we’ve decided to do it again. Perhaps because of the hot weather, and the recent aquarium gig, but I’ve been listening to a lot of ambient music recently (more so than usual) and wanted to share some of it. So I’ll be playing again on Dommune this Monday 10 August from 7-9pm. I’m planning on playing quite a bit of new stuff, and I’ll probably repeat what I did last year of giving a live tracklisting. If you are free, of course you are welcome to join in the studio, otherwise tune in and tune out.

Register here for Dommune – Monday 10 August


Aught is a cassette / digital label that have been putting out some really interesting releases over the last year. The strongest have been two from De Leon. Not sure how it is made, but reminds me strongly of gamelan, used in more of a looser way. I really like the drawn out rhythms and feel of these releases – De Leon is exploring a really interesting zone. Definitely worth checking, as well as the rest of the releases on the label.

Across the first half of this year, Emotional Response released the Schleißen series, composed of 4 records with tracks from a range of artists. Good news for me is that they’ve now been made available digitally. You can find them on Boomkat here. As is often the case with compilations / multiple artist ventures, the quality is a bit uneven, but overall there are some really worthwhile contributions across the 4 releases. It is also good to see them feature some new names and projects. They are all exploring ambient / drone / kosmische, with a tendency for most of the tracks to focus on the more pretty / melodic side of things. Quite a lot of them also have echoes of Steve Reich minimalism. I’m still digesting them, but it strikes me that the series will be of interest to some of you out there.