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John Osborn is in Tokyo for a bit longer after his successful set at Unit last Friday night. We thought we’d take this opportunity to invite him to show off the kind of music he listens to at home, and in quieter moments. While John is generally known for his more upbeat sets blurring techno and house, we are very interested to hear him play a rare ambient and downbeat set. And for this edition, after almost a 2 year absence we are returning to our original home of Bar Orbit in Sangenjaya. Looking forward to being back there… So please come and join us for a drink at the end of your day. It is free entry, but 1st drink will cost 1,000 yen. Info and timetable below. Orbit is about a 5-10 minute walk from Sangenjaya station, and it is in the basement, so look for the sign and stairs leading down.

RA event page /// FB event page // Orbit on Google Maps



I was very happy to have the opportunity to contribute to Rob Booth’s “Electronic Explorations” series. For my mind, it is one of the most established podcasts online and has consistently been a platform for pushing new artists and sounds. In keeping with the spirit of EE, my contribution focused on new music, with almost all of the 2 hour mix being composed of tracks released in the last year.

The mix was recorded in one take on a Sunday afternoon in September 2015. It is entitled ‘music for nominal spaces’.

01. Drew McDowall – ‘Live at the Silent Barn’
02. Kemper Norton – ‘Departing’
03. Sarah Davachi – ‘Flowers and other voiceless things’
04. Tengui – ‘Shadows’
05. Atom TM – ‘Texturen I’
06. Barnett + Coloccia – ‘Rose eye’
07. Imaginary Softwoods – ‘Describing pain’
08. Abul Mogard – ‘Drooping off’
09. Monolake – ‘Error’
10. Ryo Murakami – ‘Wall’
11. Brett Naucke – ‘Cellar beat’
12. Charles Cohen – ‘Mankind and mannequins’
13. Caterina Barbieri – ‘Undular’
14. Conrad Schnitzler – ‘Trigger one: solo rhythmics I’
15. Lumisokea – ‘Risacca’
16. Peder Mannerfelt – ‘The limits of control’
17. Yko – ‘Minako (Bee Mask remix)’
18. Fis – ‘Kal’
19. JG Biberkopf – ‘Air coltan carbon lithium’
20. Logos – ‘Metropolis’
21. Source Direct – ‘Approach identify (Demdike Stare remix)’
22. Klara Lewis – ‘Untilted’
23. Shackleton – ‘Silver keys’
24. Aisha Devi – ‘The saviour on spilled blood’


As many of you may have heard, Dommune was flooded last week during an unusually heavy period of rain for Tokyo. Only a week later they are back up and running, and are planning on doing shows tonight (Wednesday) and tomorrow. Tonight’s show will be a big 5 hour session combining artists from a number of the nights that were unfortunately cancelled. As the Dommune studio is still being repaired, it will take place at Unice, which is upstairs from Unit in Daikanyama. No registration is required for tonight, entry is 2,000 yen. The timetable is:

19:00 Chris SSG
20:00 Valerio Gomez de Ayala (from Italy)
21:00 Volte-Face (from UK)
22:00 Nick Craddock (from UK)
23:00 Bryan Kasenic (from US)

If you are in town, please come and join us. And otherwise, please tune in at the usual address:

More info /// Donations to rebuild Dommune

I finally put together a new RA chart, so I thought I’d provide an annotated version of it here with links to everything:

Yko – “Tao remixes” [Ako]

Super strong remix package here. A rare solo outing for Max Louderbauer, and new Bee Mask is always an excellent thing.


Tengui – “Transference” [Broken60]

Tengui has been threatening to release something for a long while, and he finally has. He’s got great sense and taste, which is on display in this nuanced debut. Out on a sublabel of TVO’s always interesting Broken20.


Atom TM – “Texturen I” [No.]

Atom reminds everyone that it is possible to do drone that is substantive without being oppressive. A nice little reminder from the master,


Aurora Halal – “Shapeshifter” [Mutual Dreaming]

Super strong record. All the tracks on this are quality. Really nice mid tempo vibe. Her first EP didn’t really grab me, but this one certainly did. I am very interested to see where she goes from here.


Kuedo – “Assertion of a surrounding presence” [Knives]

First new material from Kuedo in a long while, and it is top shelf. He plays around here with a lot of tropes I normally am not a fan of, but I really like the way he has done. He balances things very skilfully. I hope it is not so long until we hear from him again, the direction he is heading in has real promise.


Jonas Reinhardt – “Palace savant” [Further]

Upcoming on Further. Pretty, beautiful synth music. The problem with John Elliott and his related projects is that it makes most other stuff in this genre irrelevant, but this is a rare release that is strong enough that you’ll want to check properly.


Conrad Schnitzler – “Kollection 5 compiled by Thomas Felhmann” [Bureau B]

I’m a huge fan of Schnitzler but when first approaching his music I found it rather daunting, there is just way too much of it. If you don’t know where to start, this is a fantastic entry point. Felhmann has made a great selection and it works well as an introduction to his sound. And if you want to explore further, I’d also strongly recommend the Bureau B reissue of “Gelb” from late last year, which is my favourite album of his.


Aisha Devi – “Of matter and spirit” [Houndstooth]

Really interesting album. Not sure it is fully successful, but there are some great tracks on it and I have found myself listening to it pretty regularly. Out soon and worth checking.


Nadia Khan – “Deep court” [videogamemusic]

See my previous post about her.


De Leon – “08” [Aught]

See my previous post.