August 2015 charts

I finally put together a new RA chart, so I thought I’d provide an annotated version of it here with links to everything:

Yko – “Tao remixes” [Ako]

Super strong remix package here. A rare solo outing for Max Louderbauer, and new Bee Mask is always an excellent thing.


Tengui – “Transference” [Broken60]

Tengui has been threatening to release something for a long while, and he finally has. He’s got great sense and taste, which is on display in this nuanced debut. Out on a sublabel of TVO’s always interesting Broken20.


Atom TM – “Texturen I” [No.]

Atom reminds everyone that it is possible to do drone that is substantive without being oppressive. A nice little reminder from the master,


Aurora Halal – “Shapeshifter” [Mutual Dreaming]

Super strong record. All the tracks on this are quality. Really nice mid tempo vibe. Her first EP didn’t really grab me, but this one certainly did. I am very interested to see where she goes from here.


Kuedo – “Assertion of a surrounding presence” [Knives]

First new material from Kuedo in a long while, and it is top shelf. He plays around here with a lot of tropes I normally am not a fan of, but I really like the way he has done. He balances things very skilfully. I hope it is not so long until we hear from him again, the direction he is heading in has real promise.


Jonas Reinhardt – “Palace savant” [Further]

Upcoming on Further. Pretty, beautiful synth music. The problem with John Elliott and his related projects is that it makes most other stuff in this genre irrelevant, but this is a rare release that is strong enough that you’ll want to check properly.


Conrad Schnitzler – “Kollection 5 compiled by Thomas Felhmann” [Bureau B]

I’m a huge fan of Schnitzler but when first approaching his music I found it rather daunting, there is just way too much of it. If you don’t know where to start, this is a fantastic entry point. Felhmann has made a great selection and it works well as an introduction to his sound. And if you want to explore further, I’d also strongly recommend the Bureau B reissue of “Gelb” from late last year, which is my favourite album of his.


Aisha Devi – “Of matter and spirit” [Houndstooth]

Really interesting album. Not sure it is fully successful, but there are some great tracks on it and I have found myself listening to it pretty regularly. Out soon and worth checking.


Nadia Khan – “Deep court” [videogamemusic]

See my previous post about her.


De Leon – “08” [Aught]

See my previous post.



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