Dommune tonight: 16 September 2015


As many of you may have heard, Dommune was flooded last week during an unusually heavy period of rain for Tokyo. Only a week later they are back up and running, and are planning on doing shows tonight (Wednesday) and tomorrow. Tonight’s show will be a big 5 hour session combining artists from a number of the nights that were unfortunately cancelled. As the Dommune studio is still being repaired, it will take place at Unice, which is upstairs from Unit in Daikanyama. No registration is required for tonight, entry is 2,000 yen. The timetable is:

19:00 Chris SSG
20:00 Valerio Gomez de Ayala (from Italy)
21:00 Volte-Face (from UK)
22:00 Nick Craddock (from UK)
23:00 Bryan Kasenic (from US)

If you are in town, please come and join us. And otherwise, please tune in at the usual address:

More info /// Donations to rebuild Dommune


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