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Here is the timetable for the party on Saturday night. The only change from the flyer is that DJ Soybeans will be joining the FISH crew in the Lounge. Glad he will also be playing. This is the final techno party at Air before it closes down, so get ready for a long, fun night of music. If you want to go on the discount list, please email me no later that lunch time on Saturday:


23:00 – 00:30 Chris SSG
00:30 – 01:15 galcid + Hisashi Saito LIVE
01:15 – 04:30 Delta Funktionen
04:30 – 07:30 DJ Nobu
07:30 – end Haruka


10:00 Yu
10:30 Chiro
11:00 Yu
11:45 michihiko ishidomaru
00:15 Chiro
01:00 Sapphire Slows
02:30 michihiko ishidomaru
04:15 DJ Soybeans
05:00 End


23:00 SlyAngle
00:00 7e
04:00 End



This Saturday we return to Air for one final dance before it closes at the end of the year… And fitting with the occasion, we have something more fun to finish. Our guest is an old associate and friend of MNML SSGS, Delta Funktionen. He’ll be joined by the very excellent DJ Nobu, and each of them will be playing for about 3 hours. We are also glad to welcome synth gurus galcid+ Hisashi Saito, who will be playing live. Haruka will be doing after hours, I’ll be opening, then we have FISH in the lounge and BONDAID in No Mad. A great collection of local talent. This is going to be a long, fun night, so come join us for a proper dance to finish the year and say farewell to Air. We’ll announce the timetable later in the week, but in the meantime, feel free to email if you’d like to have names on the discount list. Just send full names to this email before midday on Saturday:

RA event page //// FB event page


We are very happy to return to Orbit this Wednesday 2 December for a special edition of Sound Garden. Our guest is Kangding Ray, a long-term favourite of ours. After delivering a powerful techno DJ set last weekend, he will now be exploring his quieter side… Kangding Ray is going to be playing a live set that will be a retrospective of his earlier ambient work. He doesn’t play this work out so often, so it is a rare and special opportunity to hear it. We are super excited! So come down and join us for another chill out session…

FB page // RA page // Orbit

20:00 – 21:00 Jelomu
21:00 – 22:00 Chris SSG
22:00 – 23:30 Kangding Ray LIVE
23:30 – 00:30 David Dicembre
00:30 – end    SG residents