Dommune: 22 March 2016

dommune 220316

Happy to say we are returning at Dommune this week. Last time we had as our guest the head of Delft, LA-4A aka Ambivalent. Connecting with that, this time we have JLPS joining us, who recently released a pair of strong EPs on the label. These have built on his previous releases on M-nus in an interesting way, and we are looking forward to hearing him play at Dommune. Joining him will be a good friend of MNML SSGS, Tokyo based Wata Igarashi. His profile continues to rise with a track on Time To Express’ ‘Stealth’ compilation and a new EP on Midgar, which has been well received. For our money, Wata is one of the best operators in Japanese techno and we are happy to finally have him on one our Dommune sessions. So come down or tune in. It’s sure to be another good one.

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