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I am very happy to say that this NYE I’ll be playing again at HOUSE OF LIQUIDOMMUNE upstairs at Liquid Room in Kata. I really enjoyed playing there last year, and working with Ukawa is always very motivating for me, so I am looking forward to this. It’s been an interesting and rewarding year with DJing, I’ve been playing more without having to compromise what I want to do. So it is good to see space opening up for a wider range of sounds and styles in Tokyo. Indeed, on NYE I’ll be on the “dope drone experimental” floor, which means there is a lot of room for doing some interesting things. Should be fun!

I’ll announce through Twitter when I am playing, and for full party info check here:

More soon, when time permits. Hope everyone is having a restful Christmas / new year break.



photo by patrick lehrmann

At the risk of adding to all the end of year clutter, I am hoping to do a few posts over the coming weeks covering some of my highlights from 2013. And ideally, this might presage a more active blog in 2014. Well, lets see. First up, I wanted to do a post about an artist who I deeply respect admire, and I feel had an especially impressive year: Atom TM.

“HD” was undoubtedly one of the standout releases of 2013: a perfectly balanced album that retained Raster Noton’s preference for high fidelity production while infusing some much needed funk and humour into the equation. Atom carefully crafted an incredibly rich and rewarding album, one that you could appreciate in terms of music production, while also enjoy on a very basic level because it was so incredibly fun. Techno does not get much better than “Riding the Void” or “Ich Bin Meine Maschine”. And when this was translated into a live setting at Labyrinth the results were quite simply stunning. Later in the day, he returned to the stage with Tobias to deliver an amazing set of live analog techno. Across their set Atom and Tobias demonstrated a mastery of their craft I have rarely seen, a performance which showed a level of understanding that only comes through years of dedication and work. This was a true pleasure and joy to witness.

Atom’s experience was again on display in his version of Factory Aire’s “B.O.Y.”, one of my favourite remixes of the year. His version is hardly an overhaul, he just takes the elements he was given, rearranges and tweaks it, so that instead of a mediocre track you now have an acid house killer. That’s how you do a remix. And Atom showed his full range by also providing a nuanced and beautiful reworking of Wagner. Add in the the first re-issues as part of Atom TM’s audio archive, covering early EBM influenced works, deep space ambient, and acid techno, and all up it’s been a pretty busy and successful year for the man.

In a year when too often “good enough” has been accepted as “good” or “great”, it is refreshing to have people like Atom TM demonstrate what is possible through dedication and working to develop a true mastery of their craft. Regardless of what line of work you are in, this is something you can take some inspiration from. And as an added bonus, it happens to be super fun music. Thanks Atom.


I have no idea who Imre Kiss is, but I am glad I came across this album. It is rather under-stated, but has a certain charm . A mixture of faded ambiance and slow distorted beats, it reminds me a lot of the work of Sand Circles. What is that crappy name they came up for describing Andy Stott’s stuff? Knacked house? I guess that is the sub-sub-sub genre it would fall under. Anyway, this has largely slipped under the radar because it’s a tape / bandcamp thing, but I suggest checking it. The S Olbricht release on the same label has some lovely moments too.

For anyone in Tokyo, these are the parties I’ll be playing at this month. If anyone wants discount for the parties, feel free to email me and I should be able to sort it out. Particularly excited about the two shows with DJ Nobu and NHK’Koyxen, two artists that I think are playing an important role in pushing and further developing interesting music in Japan.


Friday 6 December: Lounge at Duce with Levon Vincent at Air


Tuesday 10 December: NHK Special 7 at Dommune with DJ Nobu and NHK’Koyxen


Saturday 14 December: Mainfloor at Little Reverberation tour at Solfa with DJ Nobu and NHK’Koyxen


Saturday 21 December: Lounge at VETA with Shapednoise at Module