Nuance at Unit: 26 March 2016

nuance 260416

We are happy to be involved with the “Nuance” party at Unit this Saturday. Coming from Sweden, SHXCXCHCXSH will be presenting their distinctive take on techno: harder edged but with an interesting experimental edge to it. They are a good fit for DJ Nobu, who will be taking a break from conquering the world to play a 4 hour set. And filling out the mainfloor will be DJ Yazi.

Upstairs we are doing a Sound Garden chill out room in Unice. This is a really nice space, but normally doesn’t have great sound. That problem is being fixed by Pioneer and we’ll be playing on their new speakers. Our guest is Mystica Tribe, who will be doing his weirdo tripped out dub thing. And the rest of the night, David, Jelomu and myself will be taking care of providing the relaxation. Looking forward to this, it is the beginning of a pretty busy period of parties.

RA event page /// FB event page

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